Energy usage reduction:
  • Stop using air conditioning and heating for temperatures between 10C and 30C in cold countries and up to 35C in warm countries across the world. 
  • Running hot and cold water to be stopped except in hospitals. 
  • Ban usage of washing machines, dryers, dish washing machines due to their intensive use of water and power. 
  • Planned and sparing use of lifts.  
  • No neon and bright lighting.
  • No ironing of clothes. Ban on suits above 20C.
Fossil fuel reduction:
  • Stop using internal combustion engine cars, SUVs, vans, and all kind of trucks except for food transport, medical needs.
  • stop usage of fossil fuel and other non-renewable energy production except in hospitals. 
  • Reduce air travel by 75%. Permit only essential and humanitarian travel. All other travel by bus, train, etc to be based up urgency, essential services, critical industriesā€¦
  • No new coal plants. Phased closure of existing coal plants in one year framework. Stop new hydel projects.
Population reduction:

  • Strict family planning and population control / reduction through one child limits and no child rules in required cases. 
  • Start Voluntary Death / End of Life (EoL) Schemes (VES). Starting with those aged 100+, then 90+, 80+, 70+, 60+ in a phased manner. Incentives for VES like special climate change relief / alleviation facilities or privileges for children, grandchildren like more food, medicines, etc. 
  • Legalise Euthanasia and mercy killing for those terminally ill above 70 and euthanasia for those above 50. 
  • Stop hopeless ICU / brain dead / ventilator living above 30 days for all above 60. Starting with 100+. Discourage life support system living.
  • ICUs only for those below or = 60
  • Withdrawal / ban on medicines for life style diseases for those above 70/80.
  • EoL resorts for a EoL. Rooms, suites for EoL. Near and dear ones can spend final days with departing one. Morphine, LSD endings. Facilities for send-off parties. 
  • Green processes for body disposal. 
Carbon emission reduction:
  • Closure of all non-essential manufacturing units. All products to be subject to strict water and carbon limits. Products to be water and carbon positive. 
  • Strict water control and caps on uses. Rationing of potable water.
  • Limiting cloud usage of all social network websites. 
  • Ban on smoke emitting activities.
  • Clamp down on non-green conspicuous consumption.
  • Reduce high carbon agriculture.
  • Phase out non-vegetarian food. Water intensive meats first. 
Climate police, surveillance, information, networks, etc to be set up for ensuring strict implementation with stringent 360 deg punishment process. Existing departments in these areas to work closely with climate bodies and report to them. 

Ministry of Climate with overarching powers to eradicate the root causes which have led the present climocalypse stateā€¦.

Pradeep Das
(Creator of NGL)

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